Friday, April 29, 2011

New MTC Training and Curriculum

Staring in just a few days in May, all MTC's around the world are changing their training curriculum for all new missionaries.  In the past, new missionaries were learning the doctrines of PMG chapter 3, relating to the lesson content of their teaching.  No longer will that happen.  What this means is that new missionaries will arrive to the mission field not knowing the lessons from chapter 3 unless they studied them before their mission.
In a recent mission president's seminar we were instructed that starting August 1st, a new 12-week 'in-field' training effort would begin for new missionary arrivals.  This 12-week infield study will help them learn chapter 3 lessons and qualify their doctrinal content for teaching.  Personally I see this as a great step forward and improvement in missionary preparation.  Both these changes in training will result in a more effective missionary teacher.

The reason I am taking the time to even mention this change, is that a mission president really appreciates good mission preparation before the mission begins.  Good preparation helps the missionary feel much less stress when he arrives, especially when learning a language.  Local leaders, parents and the missionary him/herself are wanting to know what can we do to better prepare for a mission?  I have expressed my thoughts on this previously.  But now I need to add another very important preparation that we have not emphasised so much before - learning the Chapter 3 lessons of PMG.  Again, the MTC will no longer be teaching these.  If an new missionary can study and learn some of chapter 3 lessons, I believe he will absolutely have an advantage in the MTC - and when he arrives to the field.  The new MTC training is most excellent in every way.  We know so because all missions have been training from this same new curriculum since last June (Fundamentals of PMG).  But if a young man wants to really be more prepared when he arrives to the mission field, knowing the chapter 3 content is now more important than ever.   To Priest Quorum's everywhere I say - start learning chapter 3 content before you depart.  You will be so glad you did! 
Just my thoughts...
President Jensen

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